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Amarillo College
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AITP Region 3 Student Conference

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C# Programming Contest


Last Updated: 3/16/2016 to include statement specifically disallowing jQuery, Bootstrap, etc.

Commercial off the shelf (COTS) solutions are available to fill many business needs; however, companies frequently have very specific needs that can only be filled with custom, in house applications. The C# Programming contest gives participants a chance to fill these needs and give their company a strategic advantage by developing rich client applications using Microsoft’s .Net platform.

Team Composition

Your team may be made up of 1-2 students. Each member can bring your own computer(BYOC).


This contest will take place on Friday, October 21, 2016 from 12:00 ‐ 3:00 PM


The problem statement may include (but not limited to) topics from the following list:


Internet access is allowed for research, but you must write you own code – no external libraries or pre-written libraries are allowed, including those such as jQuery and Bootstrap. The one exception to this is the NUnit Testing Framework


Teams will be given the problem statement at the beginning of the contest time. Time will be allowed to read the problem statement and ask any questions in a common session. Once the question & answer time has closed, no further questions will be answered. At the end of the contest period, each team will be asked to submit a copy their solution (all source code/resources and compiled application) for judging.


Your submission must compile in order to be evaluated

Past Problem Statements

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