Association of Information Technology Professionals
Region 3 Student Conference hosted by
Amarillo College
andOklahoma Panhandle State University

AITP Region 3 Student Conference

Building a Future in Information Technology

Network Design


The network design competition will allow teams of one to two students to utilize their network analysis and design skills and apply them to a real business problem within an approximate three hour time frame. Contestants will be presented with a problem statement. From this, they will be required to design a proposal for a Network solution to the business problem.

Team Size

Teams for this contest can consist of 1-2 Students. Each member can bring your own computer(BYOC).


This contest will take place on Friday, October 21, 2016 from 8:00 ‐ 11:00 AM

Recommended Skills

Familiarity with the following:


Teams will be given the problem statement at the beginning of the contest time. Time will be allowed to read the problem statement and ask any questions in a common session. Once the question & answer time has closed, no further questions will be answered. At the end of the contest period, each team will be asked to upload their solution for judging.


If it doesn’t compile, it will not be evaluated. Please ensure that a working prototype is submitted for judging, along with all source code and related resources.

Contests will use Course Management Software

The AITP Region 3 Student Conference will use Coursesites Software, which is a free product from Blackboard. Each contest will have its’ own course with a login for each team. Any documents the team will need will be loaded under the Information folder for each contest. The students will submit their solutions under the Content folder.

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