Association of Information Technology Professionals
Region 3 Student Conference hosted by
Amarillo College
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AITP Region 3 Student Conference

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PC Troubleshooting


Test your IT knowledge in the PC Troubleshooting Exam. This 100 question/1 hour exam covers a wide range of hardware, software, and operating system knowledge. The top ten highest scoring competitors in the exam move on to the hands on PC Troubleshooting Final round where they will pit their skills against each other in a head to head battle for IT domination!

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This contest will take place on Saturday, October 22, 2016 from 8:00 ‐ 11:00 AM


The PC Troubleshooting competition will focus on a wide range of skills a PC Technicians might encounter including hardware, software, networking and security on Microsoft Windows, Apple, Linux and Android platforms.


Qualifying Round: Each contestant will take a web based exam. As with all AITP NCC® contests, to take the exam you must bring your own computer (BYOC).

The web based test will consist of 100 questions covering hardware, operating systems, common software, networking and security. The student will have one hour to complete the exam, which will be automatically graded in real time. No reference materials of any kind (books, notes, CDs, etc) nor Internet access will be allowed during the written test.The top 10 scores (displayed on the leaderboard outside the lab) will move onto the final hands on round.

Finalists: A “Real World” PC troubleshooting exercise (For the top 10 only) The finals will be held directly following the qualifying exam from

The finalists will troubleshoot a virtual machine from their laptop (using VMware Player or Workstation) for any software/OS related problems. These problems will be related to operating system corruption, and network, Internet, and hardware configuration issues, and other related problems that keep the machine from working properly. The contest will be timed with a one hour limit. If more than one contestant fixes all problems required, the contestant that finishes first will be the winner.


The qualifying round will be scored as 1 point for each correct answer. In the case of a tie, the contestant with the fastest time will be ranked higher.

The top ten participants from the qualifying exam will proceed to the final hands on round, which will require fixing roughly a dozen problems on a virtual machine. The problems will be of varying difficulty and point values. Any desktop OS version (Windows, Mac or Linux) is fair game for the final round – so be prepared!

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